2013 Alabama State Legislature to Revisit the Alabama Homebrew Bill

Alabama State House

Spyder Monkey:  Wikimedia Commons:  CC BY-SA 3.0

For any secret homebrewers living in Alabama there might be some good news looming on the horizon that will allow you to become unsecret open homebrewers!

The Alabama Homebrew Bill is Back on the Table!!

If you have followed the state law over the past few years concerning the Homebrew Bill you'll remember that it has steadily been gaining traction in the legislature due to increasing public support for the hobby.  There was a tough letdown last year as the bill passed both the House and the Senate JC&ED committee before running out of time waiting for a full Senate floor vote.  It was big news for hobbyists all over the state in October when the sponsor and strong supporter Rep. Mac McCutcheon prefiled the bill as HB9 to hopefully ensure an early vote this time around.  Even more exciting news came in November when Rep. McCutcheon was named Rules Committee Chairman thereby allowing him to select the bills up for debate on any given day.  His proactive support of this bill and to a larger extent the whole community involved speaks volumes for the legitimacy of the bill to his voting peers.

The 2013 Alabama Legislative Session started yesterday and everyone in the last remaining state to deprive its people of their natural right to homebrew beer is waiting with nervous excitement!  

If you are too nervous, don't forget to RDWHAHB ;)

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