Why does local craft beer taste better?

What is it about local food and drink that excites us? What makes it better?  People are probably naturally divided over how important it actually is, but there are a few undeniable benefits to scoring some local goods and beer is no exception! Down south where I live places like farmer’s markets conjure images of overalls, pickup trucks, and old-as-dirt Continue reading

The Dangers of Drinking and Homebrewing

I thought that I would take this opportunity to voice a little concern over drinking and homebrewing at the same time.  Now, for me, I see that the two go hand-and-hand.  What’s better than kicking off the boil with a nice craft beer or, even better, a beer from your own last batch!?  Two nights ago I was doing just Continue reading

2013 Alabama State Legislature to Revisit the Alabama Homebrew Bill

For any secret homebrewers living in Alabama there might be some good news looming on the horizon that will allow you to become unsecret open homebrewers! The Alabama Homebrew Bill is Back on the Table!!   If you have followed the state law over the past few years concerning the Homebrew Bill you’ll remember that it has steadily been gaining traction Continue reading

Homebrewing Beer – Tips for Beginners


Homebrewing requires a lot of discipline, care, patience, and passion to perfect.  Now Lord knows I’m nowhere near that mark, but the real beauty of this hobby is that given a little research and care you can make a darn tasty beer right out of the gate.  When I first became interested in homebrewing the first thing I did was Continue reading